Image by serjan midili

Winter Fashion Camp



Projects include scrunchies, hats, gloves ,scarves, sweatsuit and one more to be decided upon by the kids.


We'll get started with learning the sewing machine, how to thread it, wind the bobbin, all of its features along with how to safely operate your machine.


Kids will learn how to read a beginner sewing pattern learn terminology, as well as pin and cut fabric


I will help kids to create a sewing pattern of their own


I will introduce kids to different fabrics so that they learn

the different types and suitable uses for each type


Kids will learn about the different types of sewing tools and how to properly use them


Camp will be inside Degas Dance Studio located at 17247 Ventura Blvd, Encino, CA (in the Menchies lot)


Limited availability so that I each student has adequate space.  Although I've been vaccinated masks will still be required for the safety of the students.  We'll take a 20 minute break to get fresh air and students should bring a snack as camp days are 4 hours.


We'll finish up with a Fashion Show of all their creations at the completion of camp!


Cost for the week of Fashion Camp is $395.00 per student and includes all materials and supplies.  If your child has a sewing machine, its preferred they use their own just so they learn their machine.   If you can't get a machine, I can let your child use one of mine.